BBHB Summer Off-season Scrimmages

The off-season summer program aims to provide the opportunity for skill development advice whilst also providing scrimmage opportunities through each representative age group to help prepare for trials in early February. These sessions will be open to all athletes who aspire or have been interested in playing representative basketball for the following year.

This is not compulsory to attend, but an opportunity to prepare

Year groups for 2023

U15 (2008 & 2009) | U17 (2006 & 2007) | U19 (2004 & 2005) & U23 (2000, 01, 02, 03) boys & girls

Scrimmage Guidelines

Game rules:

  • 5-minute games, with a 2-minute break between games to change over
  • Teams to keep score of their own game. Points 2’s and 3’s.
  • Winning team stays on. If the winning team has consecutive wins, they must come off the court after the 3rd win
  • Teams:
    • 5 players minimum, 7 max per team for substitution purposes
    • Players to create teams. An explanation will be given at the session
    • Players & teams are more than welcome to mix it up at any point (excluding winning teams)
    • NOTE: Scrimmage is designed for you, the athlete, to play and take charge. NO COACHES are required. Get on the court, play and have fun.
  • No referees: Defence must call fouls. Refer to "Check it at the door" guide
    • In the likely chance of a foul called, the ball is to be checked at the top
  • Full-court defence: Can only be applied in the last minute

Check it at the door (Players and parents that may attend)

  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship eg, be honest, no cheating, Lift each other up, don’t bring anyone down etc.
  • Respect the whare, environment, opportunity & each other
  • No swearing or inappropriate behaviour towards anyone
  • Any abuse physically or emotionally, you will be asked to leave

What to bring

  • Positive attitude
  • Reversible singlet
  • Drink bottle