BBHB Skill & Performance Programme (SPP - years 10-13)

Basketball Hawkes Bay Skill & Performance Programme (SPP Years 10-13)

We have made some significant changes to this programme, one of the notable changes is the name, moving from “High-Performance” to “Skill & Performance Programme (SPP)”. The purpose for this change is to highlight the focus on the need for higher skill development and incorporate the importance of optimal body performance required to one day stand at the Tall Blacks/ Ferns, NBL, WNBL, NBA, WNBA High-Performance level.

Another change within the SPP, is athlete selections. Each year from representative trials, athletes will be observed, and we will offer expressions of interests to be a part of this group. Selection criteria aligning with BBNZ and ratio of 2-3 athletes per age group selected, this is dependent on the following factors, athlete acceptance, declining selection, second year athletes. Targeted year groups are years 10-13.

Depending on attendance and progress, athletes will be given a two-year opportunity in this programme. Both athletes and whānau should understand that there is an expectation that althletes maintain ‘professionalism’ within this programme; this includes attitude, attendance, energy, and effort. This is an opportunity given; however you must understand it can also be taken away if your attendance and performance does not reflect the expectations outlined.

This group receives quality coaching and developmental tools to provide them with the best opportunities to reach their highest potential.

Tier 1 athletes: Strength & conditioning │on-court trainings

Tier 2 athletes: On-court trainings only

Athletes are entitled to:

  • A year, Strength & Conditioning coaching (Holiday breaks not included)
  • Gym access for Strength & Conditioning purposes
  • Quality basketball on-court coaching/training sessions
  • Off-court sessions with expert speakers on topics including, leadership, well-being, nutrition etc. 3 sessions per year
  • Access to closed Taylor Hawks trainings

Expectations from athletes & whānau:

  • Strength & Conditioning attendance at the end of term 2 ̵ 85%
  • On-court attendance at the end of term 2 ̵ 85%, Tier 1 athlete expectations are 85% for both
    • Communication prior regarding absences will not be a mark down. 24 hours prior to session is the required time for absences
  • Fundamental Development Programme attendance, for coaching and leadership growth
  • Attend the BBHB SPP, Induction hui
  • Fee: Tier 1 = $250 ǀ Tier 2 = $200
  • Bring a Positive attitude

Athletes who meet the above attendance rate, 50% of your fee will automatically be transferred as credit to your BBHB future fees, paid back or help with Regional or National costs.

BBHB will adopt the tuakana-teina approach to further develop our athletes. In terms 3 & 4, selected athletes will be required to attend the Fundamental Development Programme (FDP) training sessions to assist with coaching, guiding and developing the younger athletes. This relationship between both the tuakana and teina will compliment each other and growth will happen for both FDP and SPP athletes; growth in leadership for SPP athletes and skill development for FDP athletes. 

Athletes selected will be made by BBHB Basketball Manager-Pathways and Coaching, skill-development coaches, and Strength & Conditioning coach.

SPP Athletes - 2022

Ezrah Eagle (Hastings BHS)
Tyrese Ngarangione-Wicks (Hastings BHS)
Zoram Smiler(Hastings BHS)
Jackson Ball (Napier BHS)
Braxton Payne (St Johns)
Balin Casson (Karamu)
Issac Ash (Havelock High)
Robi Manihera-Dankwa (St Johns)
Kingston Manihera-Dankwa (St Johns)

Madison Cunningham (Napier GHS)
Issy Kerr (Napier GHS)
Maddie Kerr (Napier GHS)
Storey Sadler (Hastings GHS)
Pahlyss Hokianga (Hastings GHS)
Zeta Schuler (Woodford House)
Stirling Clarke-Lloyd (Napier GHS)
Sapphire Takie (Napier GHS)
Melika Samia (Portland)
Graceyn Parahi (Napier GHS)