Representative Coaching

​​​​​​​Coach Selection

U13: Basketball Hawkes Bay may choose to create a panel to select coaches if it wishes.

U15+: Basketball Hawkes Bay will select a panel, if needed.

Advertisement of Positions

BBHB Coaching Positions should be advertised in September for the following year. The BBHB Coach Selection Panel should expect to meet and select coaches during mid-October/early November (in 2021 this occurred in January); and again, in July for the U13 Representative Programme.

Considerations for Selections

The BBHB Coach Selection Panel should consider, but not limit themselves to, the following criteria when considering coaches:

  • Willingness and ability to work within the BBHB programme
  • Willingness to accept learnings and mentoring from BBHB staff members responsible
  • Willingness to work alongside other representative coaches to create a positive and growing culture in the coaching space
  • Balancing the value of a coach who has invested many years with a certain group of players against the value of players receive a ‘new voice’ and ‘new style’
  • Level of experience as a coach

If there are multiple suitable candidates for a position, the BBHB Coach Selection Panel may call for a interview.

Ratification of Selections

All appointed coaches will be subject to the BBHB Code of Conduct, Police Vet and the BBHB vaccination policy

Training and support: There will be a documented induction meeting for all new and returning rep coaches/managers to BBHB, to ensure:

  • Commitment to the programme
  • Quality/suitability of the individual
  • BBHB expectations & requirements
  • Understanding of their support structure

Once appointed, coaches will then sign an appointment letter and volunteer agreement provided to them by BBHB.

BBHB is working hard to establish a network of coaches who are investing in the development of athletes that can play at a national standard, be examples to their athletes in their commitment to learning about the game and be positive role models in their behaviour.